Facts about Lotus Birth

One method of birth that is increasingly known is the lotus birth. This method of birth is different from the method in general, because in lotus birth, the umbilical cord is not cut after the baby is born, but is allowed to remain attached to the baby until it releases itself. Even so, the safety of lotus birth is still uncertain. Cutting the umbilical cord is usually done immediately after the baby is born, and when the placenta is still in the mother's body. This aims to prevent severe bleeding in the mother after childbirth. Delaying Cord Cutting Lotus birth until now does not have scientific evidence that is medically recognized. However, several studies have discovered the possible benefits of delaying cord cutting for some time. What needs to be stressed, this is different from the practice of lotus birth which leaves the umbilical cord for days to break naturally. Because letting the placental tissue die full of blood as in lotus birth, it can become a breeding ground
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